Please contact us for prices on any Mercury outboard. Portable outboards can be shipped anyplace in the US (up to 20 HP). Due to Mercury Marine policies there are restrictions on the shipment of larger engines.

Re-power finanacing is now available!

Mercury Outboards

  • Mercury Four Stroke
  • Mercury Verado
  • Mercury Optimax

For nearly 20 years, Mercury has been the world’s premier producer of four-stroke power. No one offers a more advanced, more powerful array of four-stroke outboards than Mercury.

Whether you have a 2.5 for your small fishing boat, a BigFoot for your pontoon, or a 115 for your runabout, the key elements of quality are always there for you. Instant starts and clean, quiet operation. Flawless performance under almost any condition.

That’s because every component on a Mercury FourStrokesis designed to deliver ultimate durability. More stainless steel, hard anodizing, and an exclusive multistep paint process add up to superior corrosion resistance. Plus, Mercury’s SmartCraft Engine Guardian system utilizes more than 40 sensors to monitor and protect your engine. The result is a worry-free ownership experience that begins when you mount a Mercury on your transom and doesn’t end until you stop boating …

The large-displacement Mercury FourStrokes offer increased torque and improved overall performance and efficiency. They’re quick on plane, meaning every skier and tuber you pull will have an absolute blast from the get-go, and dual overhead cams provide top-end speed at open throttle, too.

Verado, the world’s only supercharged production outboard engine.

Verado is a masterwork of engineering that epitomizes reliability, power, and performance.

No engine can match Verado for corrosion protection. With three times more stainless steel components than competitive outboards, Verado is more resistant to salt and corrosion than any other outboard on the market.

Verado with it's exclusive supercharged system, delivers the torque that big boats need to get up on plane and tackle big water. No outboard delivers quicker throttle response, better control, easier steering, smoother shifting, or quieter operation than Verado.

When it comes to fuel economy, every part of the Verado was designed to make Verado the most fuel-efficient engine ever.

Mercury’s OptiMax is the best-selling direct-injection two-stroke outboard on the market.

Designed and engineered to combine the best of both worlds, OptiMax has the heart and soul with the speed and power you expect of a traditional two-stroke. But OptiMax’s proprietary two-stage injection system creates a remarkably concise combustion cycle – giving you the fuel conservation and lower emissions of a four-stroke.

OptiMax consistently ranks first among direct-injection engines in holeshot, mid-range acceleration, and top-end speed. That winning consistent performance and unmatched throttle response is due to Mercury's Two-Stage Direct Injection System, which provides a constant supply of atomized fuel and air to make the most efficient use of fuel. Additionally its outstanding power-to-weight ratio results in increased speed and holeshot, making OptiMax a superior engine for any type of boat.

Mercury OptiMax have set the bar to be the industry’s low-emission, high-performance leader. OptiMax is so fuel-efficient that it also beats most four-strokes. T

OptiMax provides exactly what you need – from best-in-class fuel economy to unbeatable performance and leading corrosion resistance. The OptiMax lineup’s durability, reliability, and advanced direct-injected system make it a spectacular value.

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